The spring was on its way but Mother Nature had a different plan..

There was lots of warnings about “Beast from the East” blizzard followed by storm Emma on TV this week. It has been snowing all night and thanks to freezing temperatures – 4C we woke up to a beautiful wintery snowy scene in Sheffield. 

My son’s school closed down and there was no way I could use our car. I quickly went to the local shop and bought a £10 sledge for him.

We walked up in crunchy snow to Chelsea Park in Nether Edge to do some sledging.  It was my son’s first experience of this wintery activity. 🙂

Chelsea Park is a small public park located in the south west of Sheffield in Nether Edge. It is listed as one of the city’s Historic Parks, and was originally laid out as the private gardens to Brincliffe Towers in 1852. It was given to the people of Sheffield in 1935 by a former Lord Mayor and Alderman William Styring. The small playground from 1966 was replaced, alongside a canopy and basketball area in 2005. 

We got there at about 11am and there were only a few kids. It was still snowing quite heavily and you couldn’t see much going down the hill  but the kids didn’t seem to mind.  

It was just lovely. The park was so beautiful with its sugary trees glory. I was prepared. I had a nice warm tea in my flask while watching my son having fun. I did however joined and went back to my childhood too! It was actually better when we both sat on the sledge because of my weight and we went all the way down to the bottom of the hill and had to even break with our feet! 🙂 

It did stop snowing later on. 


The snow was so powdery and quite difficult to build anything from it. But we did manage to build a tiny snowman. 


Going home via Brincliffe Edge Woods was equally spectacular. What a lovely day.