volcanic rock in the shape of an elephant


I came across Elephant Rock while searching for what to see and do around Montrose when we went there for a weekend away. We loved the walk so I thought I would write a post on how to visit Elephant Rock. I hope you will find it useful. 

Where is Elephant Rock?

Elephant Rock is a great little gem off the beaten track. It’s out in the countryside, about 3 miles from Montrose and just on the outskirts of Ferryden. It makes a perfect trip out if you are visiting Montrose.

What is Elephant Rock?

Elephant Rock also known as Rock of St Skae is a naturally formed coastal arch of volcanic rock. It has been shaped by the elements and resembles the shape of an elephant’s head and trunk. The coastal views on a fine day are breathtaking.

volcanic rock formation which resembles an elephant
Elephant Rock

How to Visit Elephant Rock and Boddin Point Lime Kilns

Elephant Rock and the Lime Kilns are best visited on foot. Most people do this circular walk but we did a much shorter point-to-point walk to fit in with our visit to nearby Montrose.  If you put “Elephant Rock, Montrose” in Google Maps it will come up.

We parked on the little layby just opposite the gate to the coastal walk. Make sure you leave a space for cars to be able to pass on the narrow road. If that is busy, park in the village of Boddin and do a circular walk from there. Go through the gate and join the path pictured below. 

We met a local chap who was cutting the grass purely on his own initiative. We had a little chat with him and he said he doesn’t get paid for it. He just wants to keep the path tidy and accessible for everyone. I felt really grateful as without him you would probably never find the path and more likely end up in the sea! I would suggest that you wear proper walking shoes, especially after rain as it can be quite slippery.

Soon enough you will pass under the main railway line to Aberdeen and reach the coastal graveyard with the Chapel of St Skae on the left. 


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Chapel of St Skae burial ground

The 12th-century Chapel of St Skae also known as Chapel of St Skay is perched high on the cliffs just above Elephant Rock. Look for a grave of George James Ramsay who according to the engraving on the stone made obviously in error, died 19 years before he was even born! See if you can find his grave. We did, but I will not post a picture here to make it more fun for you. 🙂

Elephant Rock

Follow the path towards the Lime Kilns – you will see them in the distance and admire the Elephant Rock formation on your left. Watch your children and dogs around the edge of the cliff. If you stick to the path, you will be fine. Just do not go too close to the edge. The views of the rock and out to the sea are amazing, especially in sunny weather like we had.

Boddin Point Lime Kilns

Built around 1750 by Robert Scott of Duninald, Boddin Point Lime Kilns are a remarkable group of large kilns on a promontory that is now eroded. Sadly, it is just a matter of time before they are claimed by the sea. Please be very, very careful especially with small children and dogs when visiting, and do not go inside. The sign about the dangerous access is there for a reason. Remember, it can collapse at any minute.

We did go on top of the kilns briefly, but I didn’t feel safe there and quickly retraced my steps back down. The views over the North Sea and Lunan Bay are fantastic though.

Boddin Point Lime Kilns near Montrose
Boddin Lime Kilns

Boddin Salmon Station

Another notable place of interest you can see from the Lime Kilns is the now derelict Boddin Salmon station which dates back to the 1800s. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find more information about the station. 

Is Elephant Rock Worth Visiting?

I really enjoyed this short, 1.5-mile walk. Fortunately, we had amazing sunny weather which added to the overall experience. You could easily spend a whole day here playing on the beach and exploring everything in greater detail.

Interesting history, derelict houses, disused old boats scattered around the shore, and beautiful scenery are just calling for your next photography project. I only wish my boys would be more patient regarding taking photos!

I have compiled a short video with more photographs taken on my iPhone below which gives you a bit more idea about the place.


Have you visited Elephant Rock? Would you like to visit Elephant Rock?

Or is it on your bucket list?

Let me know in the comments at the end of this post. I would like to hear about it! 

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  1. The Chapel of St Skae looks like such an interesting site to check out!

  2. Very pretty. I just returned from Scotland and wish I knew about this earlier.

  3. I am sure our plan to travel around Scotland would have many great stops. I will will have to make sure to add a visit to the Elephant Rock on the plan. Some great views on the walk around the site. Especially on a sunny day.

  4. Hiking through Scotland will forever be one of my favourite traveling experiences. I am so sad to say that I never went here but will definitely go next time. Absolutely gorgeous place!

  5. This is a great guide! I can’t wait to visit Scotland next summer and have bookmarked this for my planning phase! It looks so beautiful– eek!! <3

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