I didn’t have time to plan my walk for today so yesterday I booked the Guided Park Walk via Chatsworth website. They do short –  two hours or long – four hours seasonal walks around Chatsworth Estate. Short walks cost £10 and long walks cost £15 an they start at 10am.  If you buy one of the walks, you don’t have to pay £4 for the car park. Check their website for dates. 

Chatsworth House

The meet up is at the Game larder which is the octagonal building next to the main car park. It has been restored in 2016 and it is a now an “landscape interpretation centre” as the website suggests. We walked to the left side of the park from the house towards the White Lodge. Behind it it used to be a Barbrook House where Sir Joseph Paxton lived.  Paxton was an English gardener, architect and a member of parliament. The same day he arrived to Chatsworth he was made a head gardener for Chatsworth at the age of 20 and he also  met his future wife Sarah Brown. 

Sir Joseph Paxton plaque

We have seen deer crossing the river one by one. How beautiful. What a great experience. The last one was hesitating for a while but he joined in in the end. 

deer crossing river at Chatsworth house


Chatsworth house guided walk

We walked up the steep hill to the Jubilee Rock. It commemorates Queen Victoria’a Golden Jubilee. The rock was previously known as the Elephant Stone. 

Jubilee Rock at Chatsworth

And onto Dobb Edge with its fine views. 

View from Dobb Edge


View from Dobb Edge

Dobb Edge and its millstones. 

Dobb Edge and its millstones


Dobb Edge

Through the woods, across a field with lovely trees. 

Chatsworth woods



Around the lakes with Ice house (not pictured). 


And back to the car park. The walk took nearly 3 hours mainly because the guide was stopping quite often to tell us some interesting facts about the park and Chatsworth. It didn’t rain or snow. 🙂  Last week’s Beast from the East and Storm Emma’s snow nearly gone, only with occasional patches. Pleasant walk. 


Chatsworth walk map


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