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Based just on the edge of the Peak District, I am a photographer, an outdoor lover and travel blogger. I am very passionate about promoting the outdoors and nature through hiking, travel and my photography.

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Every month I receive a fair bit of emails and messages so please be patient with me. There are various ways how you can contact me: 

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You can find me on my various social media channels such as my Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin. I also have a Youtube channel (it needs a bit more work I know but please subscribe :-)). Ask away on one of my posts so I and the others can see it and comment and they can also benefit from it too. This is the easiest and the quickest way to ask and get a reply from me.

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Is there anything else you would like to discuss with me? Please send me an email to or use the form at the very end of this page. 

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To discuss a partnership or collaborations contact me via email as above. I might be open to reviews, sponsored posts, trips and stays, guest blog posts and interviews to mention a few but only if it is relevant to my work and ethos. 

Have a look at my recent article about the Peak District I wrote for one of the biggest Czech newspapers. It’s in Czech but you can use a translator into English.

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Finally, Snap and Saunter is my passion but also my main income. I spend lots of time researching, creating and promoting the content for this blog. If you find my blog inspiring and informative, you can gift me a virtual coffee via my Ko-fi Page – but only if you want to! 

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