It’s half term and me and my son have both been ill with fevers and colds. How typical! We have been stuck indoors for last three days. The fevers have gone and we still feeling a bit under the weather; so this morning we went to Ecclessall Woods for just a little gentle stroll. The weather was just perfect. Sun was shining.  Birds were singing. Spring is definitely in the air! 🙂 

I love, love Ecclessall Woods. I love trees. Ecclessall Woods is an area of woodland in south-west Sheffield between Abbeydale Road South and Ecclessall. It covers approximately 350 acres (1.4 km2) of mature semi-natural decidous woodland which was previously used for timber and charcoal, and is currently managed by the city council for the benefit of wildlife and visitor access. There are two roads and over 15km of public footpaths running through the woods. 

My boy was also taking pictures. Apparently he is standing of the tree trunk to get a better “viewpoint”. Good boy! 🙂 


I’ve been to the woods a few times but I don’t really know the footpaths. I looked online but couldn’t really find any walking routes with maps. So we just wandered around and hoped we wouldn’t get lost. 



We finished our walk at the Woodland Discovery Centre. Check out their website for events and workshops. There is a lot happening there. 

The Woodland Coffee Stop cafe was open; it was time for a tea. 



At the cafe I came across to this leaflet. Finally I have a map of the footpaths! I will definitely try the 2h walk perhaps when the woods are covered in bluebells in spring. That is not to be missed!