The Fairy Glen and its charm

Explore this bizarre and delightful miniature landscape with grassy top hills with ponds in between which give the Fairy Glen a fairytale-like feel.

Become a child again and imagine some little fairies and hobbits poking out at you from their hideaways in the rocks. We have. 😉

Fairy Glen with Castle Ewan on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Where is the Fairy Glen?

You will find it on the West side of Trotternish Penninsula at Balnaknoc, near Uig on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Just before Uig Hotel, turn right onto the small single track road. There will be a road sign here to Sheader and Balnaknock.

We had no problems finding this place with google maps. 


Rings and Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Are there any fairies?

Skye has a long history involving the fairies. Most of it is related to Dunvegan Castle and their Fairy Flag. The Fairy Glen much like the Fairy Pools in Glenbrittle have no traceable legends or stories involving fairies.  

I am sorry to tell you but the Glen wasn’t created by fairies hiding in this unique landscape. It was formed by an ancient landslide and shaped by glaciers over thousand years much like the Quirang.

Fairy Glen landscape on the Isle of Skye in Scotland


Fairy Glen landscape on the Isle of Skye

What is there to do at the Fairy Glen?

There are no specific paths at such at the Glen. Just wander around and up the hills and ponds whichever way you want. If you are not afraid of heights, climb and scramble up the Castle Ewan with its basalt topping intact. There are wonderful views from the top. 

Castle Ewan at Fairy Glen

Hello from Castle Ewan

Fairy Glen with Castle Ewan on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Castle Ewan at Fairy Glen

Scottish landscape

A view from Castle Ewan at Fairy Glen in Scotland

Tips on visiting the Fairy Glen

Get there early (unlike us) and there is a chance that you will have this magical place for yourself. It’s getting very popular nowadays. 

Parking is small and limited. Alternatively, you can also park in Uig and walk to the Glen (about 30 min). 

Visiting the Fairy Glen is free.

Allow at least an hour to enjoy and more if you want to find those fairies..;-)

It’s a great place for kids to explore and have fun. 

Don’t forget to let your imagination run free! 

Man sitting on the bench in a beautiful landscape in Scotland


a woman and a boy with a dog sitting on a hill on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Final thoughts on the Fairy Glen

We had the most amazing time. It was fun walking around and look for fairies. Cedric loved climbing on the Castle Ewan in particular. As one of us had to stay down with Coco, he did it twice. Firstly with daddy and then he showed it proudly to me.

I think that the Fairy Glen is one of my favourite places on Skye, after walking the  Quiraing. It’s kind of cute, it captures your imagination and I like that.

People on the Fairy Glen


Have you been to the Fairy Glen?

Let me know if you have seen any fairies in the comments below 😀 

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