Today we woke up and there was about 3 inches of snow. Everything was cancelled. My boy’s swimming  class and his friend’s birthday party. Roads were quite icy. I wouldn’t drive anyway, as our car is pretty bad in even a little bit of snow.. Where to go for a walk without a car? 

Our son wanted to go sledging. As we were sledging previously in our local Chelsea Park we decided to walk from Nether Edge to Meersbrook park.

Snowy Broadfield Playground




Meersbrook Park offers stunning panoramic views of the city, walled garden, Meersbrook House and the Bishops’ House. 

Bishops’ House is a half-timbered house. It was built c. 1500 and is located on the southern tip of Meersbrook Park. It’s one of the three surviving timber-framed houses in the city. The other two are the Old Queen’s Head pub and Broom Hall. Bishops’ House is open most Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm and is closed on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. It’s run by volunteers. It’s  a charming house, definitely go and see it. Free entry! 





It was very cold but a nice walk/afternoon. I am glad we visited the Bishops House as I’ve never been before. Our son enjoyed the house too, especially a trail where he had to find objects in the house. He had fun sledging and even found a friend and they were racing down the hill together.

Even the dogs were having fun in the snow! 🙂

I am happy to say that March 2018 Walk Every Day for a Week Challenge is COMPLETED! 🙂 I found it  a little bit difficult due to poor weather on nearly every day of the week but I am glad I stuck to it.

Sometimes it is good to venture out when is raining or snowing as it has its unique atmosphere and it is usually less busy.