Not as sunny as yesterday, back to the overcast days..Today I have decided to go to Chatsworth and walk their circular walk no. 2 from Calton Lees car park to Edensor village and back to the car park. You can see the route here

| Distance: 2.25miles | 3 kilometeres, Circular

| Not push chair friendly

| Sturdy shoes or walking boots, can be muddy

According to my fitbit app I’ve already walked a mile before I actually got out of the car park! 😀 It is not a big one, but I was not sure which way to go..Looking at the map now it all makes a perfect sense, but not then! Oh well, one of those “brain freeze” moments..

Leaving the gate I turned left along the park wall and followed it up the hill. I came across these beautiful deer. Shame I didn’t have my SLR camera with a proper lens. These photos were taking with my with my Iphone. They just stood there and watching every step of mine, fully aware of me. As soon as I moved closer to them to take a picture, they started to go away. I just took this picture and let them be. 

The route says to turn right across the park following a market path. I haven’t seen any market path so just went across the field towards the church spire. Right through this flock of sheep who were again watching my every single move and giving me the occasional baa baa..


Approaching the church yard I found the little iron gate as mentioned in the route guide. So I was on the right path after all. 

You go through the gate and after a few steep steps you all of a sudden appear in the middle of the pretty Edensor (pronounced “Ensor”) village. 

Apparently there is a nice cafe called Edensor Tea Cottage but I didn’t go as I didnt’ have time. 

Leaving the village you cross the road and follow the path leading to Chatsworth House. Not crossing the river, turn right and carry on along the river bank. 

At the ruined mill, turn right up the hill to the gates on the road back to the Calton Lees car park. 

Let’s not forget that I walked 1km around in the car park at the beginning. I probably went slightly different route compared to the Chatsworth guide mentioned above. 



Calton Lees car park is situated right next to the Chatsworth Garden Centre. There are also toilets and a cafe. I just had a quick look as I have never been before. 


The colour boost was just what I needed. Come on spring, I am ready!