Here is a summary of my walks last month – January 2019. 

Win Hill

I finally made it to Win Hill which lies above the Ladybower reservoir. It has been on my list for a long time. It was a fantastic walk with spectacular views. You can read all about it here

Lathkill Dale

A short walk with my friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me. Lathkill Dale is a beautiful place and I will definitely come back in Spring or Summer. 

Curbar Edge

On my walk around the Curbar Edge, I came across these beautiful Wild Red Deer. They were so close and were just watching me. They were about 100 meters away and luckily I had my big lens with me. It was such a great, peaceful experience. So beautiful. Read about my another deer walk in Curbar Edge here


I went to Longshaw twice in January. Once for an only 1-mile walk with my family. The weather was not so great and we just wanted to go for a short walk with our son. We did their shortest circular walk.

The second time I went to Longshaw I went for their free guided walk where I also volunteer as a walk leader support. I go to Longshaw often as I live close by and it is a great place to explore the Peaks. 

Langsett Reservoir

I visited Langsett Reservoir last year with my family. In January I returned with my friend. It was beautiful weather and we had a great day. We went to the moors above the reservoir and were pleasantly surprised at the fantastic views from up there. 


It was the first time I went to Bleaklow which was also on my list for a while. We went to see the B 29 Overexposed plane crash site and it was also my first time I have seen a Mountain Hare. I am yet to write a blog post on this amazing walk. 

Mam Tor

I was very excited about the walk to Mam Tor. I wanted to see the Ridge in the snow. When we got to the Mam Nick car park it was -1C and the visibility was non-existent due to the mist and fog. Typical! 

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the walk in the fog. Its quietness and serenity and the sound of snow crunching underfoot. Here is the post about my visit to Mam Tor on my birthday last March. 


In total, I walked 35.7 miles or 57 km last month. It could be better but considering it was a very busy month for my family I am happy. I compiled a short video with photographs. Enjoy. 



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