Today is my birthday and  my friend Natasha joined me to celebrate with this amazing walk in the Peak District. You can see a video from my previous birthday we celebrated in the Peaks here. It was so much fun. Please excuse my silly glasses. 🙂 

Circular Mam Tor and the Great Ridge Walk

This 5 miles circular walk starts at the National Trust’s Mam Nick car park. From the back of the car park take the obvious path with rather large steps and carry on the path up to the Mam Tor’s summit. Enjoy the amazing 360 degrees view of the Peak District. It’s not really visible on the picture below but it was so windy that my hat blew off! 

Mam Tor and the Great Ridge Walk

From the Mam Tor summit follow the obvious straightforward path following the crest of the ridge to Hollins Cross. 

The Great Ridge in the Peak District

At Hollins Cross, on your right,  you can see Hope Valley with Castleton and the ancient Peveril Castle, and the Cement Works in the background. Castleton is a pretty (very touristy) village in the Hope Valley in the Peak District National Park. It is known for its fours underground show caves. 

Views over Castelton with Peveril Castle.

Carry on along the ridge path reaching an impressive steep hill called the Back Tor. You will recognise it by its one and only pine tree on its top. 

Me and My Friend on Top of the Back Tor

From Back Tor there is now a straight forward final ascent to Lose Hill. The summit of Lose Hill has an impressive panorama stretching from the Kinder Plateau over the beautiful Edale Valley to the west then round to Win Hill directly to the East. 

Spectacular views from Lose Hill in the Peak District.

We had a little celebration on top of the Lose Hill. It was even more windy then at the Mam Tor summit. It was quite funny because when we opened our little bottles of Prosecco the wind blew over the top of the bottles and made a “ship horns” sounds. 🙂 

Celebrating my birthday on top of the Lose Hill

From Lose Hill you can either go back to Mam Nick car park the same way or, like us, go to the right and down towards the valley and after the gate turn right, and follow the path beneath the ridge through the little wood back. Then you can go left down along the Mam Farm. Go up through the collapsed road and you will join the road. On the left you will see the Blue John Cavern, carry on up the road and you will approach a pole saying Mam Summit. Follow this path to the right to the Mam Nick car park. 

Mam Tor and the Great Ridge route map

I took lots of pictures on this walk. Watch the video below. Enjoy.

This is one of those routes you take your visitors to show them the Peak District. No wonder it is one of the most popular routes in the Peaks. Have a look at my other posts about walks near Sheffield here.

I absolutely loved it!