Last day of my February 2018 Walk Every Day for a Week Challenge! If it wasn’t for the challenge, I would probably skipped the walk today. The weather was just awful. Our son had a swimming lesson in the morning, so we set off after lunch. It was actually much brighter with sunny spells and it stopped raining by then. We went to Redmires Reservoirs which are only about 15 minutes by car from our home. We have never been before. 

All the reservoirs we have visited near Sheffield have woodland paths around the water so you are sheltered from the wind. When we arrived, to our surprise, the Redmires reservoirs are completely exposed! The last thing we needed in this cold, windy, snowy weather! We were in for a challenge, especially with our 6 years old! 

” A circular walk from the Upper Redmires Reservoir crosses the moors to the south of the 3 tiered reservoirs. As you descend down the path you’ll have stunning views of these intriguingly shaped reservoirs which are visited by thousands of wildfowl and waders each year. Upon reaching the valley at the bottom, the walk returns to the car park through the woodlands of Redmires plantation and Redmires Road. the walk is reasonably level but can be uneven and wet under foot and sturdy footwear is recommended. 

You can download a Yorkshire Water’s pdf about this walk here



| Distance: 2.5 miles | 4 kilometers, Circular


The Redmires Reservoirs are a group of three reservoirs in Fulwood, Sheffield. They are fed from the Hallam Moors by various small streams including Fairthorn Clough. The three reservoirs are named Upper, Middle and Lower and date from 1836 and were built to provide clean drinking water via a water course down to Barker’s Pool  5.5 miles away following the devastating Sheffield cholera epidemic of 1832. 







Just when we needed it! 






We parked our car at the Middle reservoir and went left around the three of them. As soon as we stepped out of the car we were like: WOW! IT’S WINDY! There was a family just returning to their car warning us: ” It is just for the brave ones today!”.

But the views across the snowy reservoirs were just BREATHTAKING! Spectacular. It was a somewhat challenging walk especially for our little one. It might not look like it on the pictures but the weather was changing constantly; it was bitterly cold, windy, very muddy and wet, we had to climb over the gate twice but we all really enjoyed it.  Despite the weather forecast we had some sunny spells as well.  

Even our son said it was the best walk he ever done. Such a trooper. (Although not sure where that came from as there was some moaning along the way too..;-)). I think it is because he really enjoyed walking/playing in the snow, because let’s face it, we don’t see much of snow here, do we? 

We have to visit this place again in summer. 

And hey! I did it! 

February 2018 Walk Every Day for a Week Challenge COMPLETED! 🙂