I parked at the free car park situated next to the Bradfield village hall in Low Bradfield. It was a very overcast and cold day but this time I had a company. My friend doesn’t work on Mondays, so it was very nice to catch up over an easy walk without kids.
We have done this walk with my husband and 6 years old son in the past which was equally enjoyable by all especially by our son as he could use his scooter all the way. This circular easy access route gives ample scope to enjoy long stretches of woodland and waterside. The route also offers panoramic views across Damflask Reservoir.

Damflask Reservoir

The Damflask Reservoir was completed by the Sheffield Waterworks Company in 1896 and is owned today by Yorkshire Water. The reservoir has a capacity of 4,250.9 million litres and has a surface area of 47 hectares with a maximum depth of 27 metres. The dam wall is approximately 400 metres wide with a height of 28 metres.
Damflask reservoir was built as one of a group of reservoirs in the Bradfield area (the others being Strines, Agden and Dale Dike reservoirs) to supply both fresh drinking water and a guaranteed supply of running water to the population and industries respectively of Sheffield. It was completed in 1896 with the dam walls being constructed from local stone, and its original purpose was primarily as a compensation reservoir to ensure a continuous flow of water to the River Loxley downstream.
It takes its name from Damflask village which was washed away in the Great Sheffield Flood of 11 March 1864; the village stood near the site of the current dam wall and had a public house (Barrell Inn), corn mill, paper mill, wire mill, blacksmith’s shop and a few dwellings. The village was never rebuilt after the flood because plans were already in hand to construct Damflask Reservoir.
My stats on my Map My Walk app say:
Distance: 6.12km
Duration: 1h 38 min – We did walk quite slowly though (average pace 16min per km)
Steps: 10.2K
Damflask Reservoir
After the walk, we ended up in The Plough Pub where we had fish and chips for lunch.
I am sure I will be doing the Damflask Reservoir again as it is a nice easy walk and only 30 minutes by car from Sheffield.
Damflask reservoir