Another Guided Walk in Longshaw

It’s Wednesday and as you may know it means Longshaw’s guided walk for me. 🙂 We have done this route back in March and how different it looks now! There was snow back then but today it was all about meadow flowers, bees, cows and a “bonus” flyover over Grindleford. Carry on reading to find out! 😉

About the Walk

From the cafe we went up to the Duke’s Seat, along the Wooden Pole, crossed the road towards the White Edge Lodge, through White Edge Moor, passed the Grouse Inn, onto Tumbling Hill and finally through the Oak’s Wood back to the cafe in Longshaw. Good 4.3 miles. It took us 2 hours with stopping here and there. 

It was a good turn out. About 20 people I would say. People come from all over to these walk, there were people from Nottingham, Glossop, Sheffield and today there were two nice Belgian ladies who were in the UK on holiday.  

Longshaw walk route

The weather was good although a bit hazy as you can see from the picture below. The rhododendron blossoms are still out. It looks amazing from the top though. 

Longshaw in the Peak District

This fluffy beauty was watching us while we were heading towards the Duke’s Seat. 🙂

Calf at Longshaw in the Peak District

The view overlooking Grindleford from Tumbling Hill is just breathtaking. This is a perfect spot for a picnic although keep your kids close so they don’t tumble down from Tumbling Hill! 

Grindleford in the Peak District


Tumbling Hill in the Peak District

And here it is. While we were all lined up at the edge admiring the view, two Hercules tranporter planes flew passed. The pilots must have thought we were just waiting for them! I only managed to catch one though. They were quite low and they are not that noisy as fighter jets. 

Harlequin plane in the Peak District


Harlequin plane in the Peak District

I really enjoyed the walk through the fields. I love meadow flowers, they are just so pretty. It reminds me of my childhood when I used to play in the fields at my uncle’s cottage, in summer time, near Prague.

Barn in Longshaw


Longshaw in the Peak District

I never knew that there are common orchids in Longshaw amongst other flowers. They are quite small, about 30 cm high and pretty. You learn every day…

Common orchid in Longshaw

Longshaw Kitchen Garden

After the walk I went to see Longshaw’s kitchen garden which is situated just behind the cafe. They grow a lot of flowers and vegetables there which supplies the cafe.

I have to say that the garden is IMMACULATE and very pretty. There are some benches too so you can relax and enjoy..the vegetables!  (Sorry, I had to..:-D) 

Kitchen garden in Longshaw


Bumble Bee in garlic


Iris flower


Kitchen garden in Longshaw


Kitchen garden in Longshaw


Bumble bee on a chive

Longshaw Guided Walks

  • Longshaw guided walks take place every Wednesday and Sunday
  • Just turn up at the cafe at 11am. No booking required. 
  • It’s free! 
  • Walks take approx. 2 hours. Bring appropriate footwear and clothes. 

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