I fancied a local walk for my 3rd day of the walk challenge today and went to Ecclesall Woods. Last time I was there it was all covered in snow.

Ecclesall Woods

It’s an area of woodland in south-west Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, between Abbeydale Road South and Ecclesall with over 15 km of public footpaths running through the woods. Perfect for family walks, children will love it. There are also some pushchair and wheelchair friendly routes. 

I only went for a short walk (1.5h ) around the edge of the woods as I didn’t have much time due to work. It was a completely different experience to last time.

You could see and hear the signs of spring everywhere. The birds were chirping loudly, it was like you walk through some kind of a tropical forest. They were playing the game who is gonna be the loudest. 

The trees were showing off their leaves and the woods were covered in emerging bluebells. 

Ecclesall Woods


Bluebells in Ecclesall Woods


Spring in Ecclesall Woods


Bluebells in Ecclesall Woods


Ecclesall Woods map

After a walk you can enjoy a cuppa at the Woodland Coffee Stop cafe. It wasn’t open today as it is open from Thursdays – Sundays, Bank Holidays and on Tuesday’s during school holidays. 

Also check out the  JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre, they run lots of craft courses. Did you know that you can also get married in Ecclesall Woods? 



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