I didn’t have much time today s0 I went for a short stroll around More Hall reservoir today. It’s been about 4 years since last time I was here. What a beautiful day today. It was sunny, still a little bit cold but it was so lovely to see the blue sky. Everything is better with blue sky. 🙂 

More Hall reservoir


More Hall Reservoir

More Hall reservoir is located to the west of the Don Valley near Stocksbridge on the outskirts of Sheffield. It is a short walk (2.2 miles) and it took me about an hour. On one side of the reservoir you go through the woodland, the other side of the reservoir you walk on the quiet road. I would suggest that you do this walk anti-clockwise (starting with the road side) as suggested by Yorkshire Water. You can also download the map on their website here.

Sunny day at More Hall reservoir

There is an option to extend the walk to include part of nearby Broomhead reservoir. But I didn’t do this as I didn’t have time today. The walk around the More Hall reservoir is very easy and is suitable for push chairs. (Don’t know about the extended walk though). 

More Hall Reservoir

It wasn’t busy at all. I only met a few people. What a nice view for fishing, don’t you think? 

Fishing at More Hall Reservoir

Fishing in the reservoir


More Hall Reservoir

Last time we were here in late summer and I remember that we picked quite a lot of blackberries. I then made a jam and we had a one year supply. 🙂 

Sunny More Hall reservoir


Overlooking More Hall reservoir


Walking around More Hall Reservoir


Walking around More Hall reservoir


Walking around More Hall reservoir


Easy walk around More Hall reservoir.

It was a very relaxing walk. I really enjoyed it. Even the ducks looked relaxed wondering on the road! 

Ducks on the road at More Hall Reservoir.

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