Bolehill Quarry in the Peak District was my today’s chosen walk for the first day of my April walk challenge. Have a look at my walks in February and March.

Luckily, it was a beautiful, sunny and warm day today. Finally some nice weather! 

To begin our walk, we left our car at Longshaw Estate car park and walked down to Padley Gorge. Padley Gorge was very busy with families. 

Padley Gorge

Along the way to Bolehill, we have seen at least three wishing trees in Padley Gorge. 

Money tree


Padley Gorge stones

We went through Padley Gorge until we reached sign going right to Bolehill. Then it is not signed at all and can be a little bit difficult to find your way. Luckily we had a map and also had to ask twice. 

Bolehill Quarry sign


Bolehill Quarry in the Peak District

Bolehill Woods

After the buzz of Padley Gorge, with its picnicking families and children playing in the stream, the peace and quiet of the woods were surreal.

Bolehill Woods in the Peak District


Bolehill Woods

It was just beautiful to roam between the birch trees in the sunshine. 

Bolehill Woods

The National Trust tend to leave dead trees standing. If the trees fall they are left on the ground. This way of managing woodland is really beneficial for conservation allowing the rotting wood to support all kinds of organisms such as these fungi.

Tree with fungus


Bolehill Woods

It felt like a summer day but the leaves have yet to come out, so you can walk in the wood and feel the sun beating down. In summer all this would be under a canopy of leaves, and well shaded.

Bolehill Quarry


I wasn’t able to find much information about the quarry. Here are some excerpts from an article by Alan Jacques:

Bolehill Quarry lies at Upper Padley above Grindleford Station. Work here prompted mini-boom in the population, as a small temporary “shanty town” was built to house workers and their families. Some members of this community stayed on to live and work permanently in Grindleford.  There are descendants from some families still in the village.

Climbing at Bolehill Quarry

Busy Bolehill

Bolehill must have been like an anthill of frenzied workers. In October 1905 some 439 men were employed there, operating two 12-ton cranes, nine 7-ton cranes, one 5-ton crane, three locomotives, the winding drum and almost 100 tipper wagons.

Two men were killed whilst working in the quarry; one fell from a bench of rock and died from a concussion, the other fatality occurred in an accident in cutting when three loaded trucks broke loose and ran into an area where around 20 men were working.

Bolehill Quarry

The quarry closed at the start of the first world war and in the decades that followed was swallowed by scrub. A couple of quarry-worker huts still stand near Padley chapel.

Bole hill Quarry pond in the Peak District

The pool is dark and it’s difficult to gauge its depth: it could be bottomless. 😉


Bolehill Quarry

Beautiful unsold grindstones peacefully lying there near to the path. I like how they are covered in moss. 

Gritstones in Bolehill Quarry


Bolehill Quarry


Bolehill Quarry


Bolehill Quarry


Bolehill Quarry


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Bolehill Quarry


Padley Gorge

Busy Padley Gorge

The owner of the ice-cream van next to Padley Gorge had to have brilliant takings today.  He told us that he has been so busy today that his brain stopped working…

Ice cream van at Padley Gorge

To sum it up, it was an excellent, sunny 4.4 miles ( 7km) walk. I will be definitely coming back to Bolehill! 

Bole Hill walk route