walk challenge


What Am I Going to Do?

Starting in February 2018 I will try and attempt to do this walk challenge every month except summer holidays.  This will give me something to focus on.  I really need more exercise and explore the Peak District which is quite new to me as we recently moved to Sheffield from London .

This challenge is actually harder that it sounds!

As I work from home it’s sometimes quite difficult to get outside. I was thinking the other day that I actually don’t have much exercise as I drive everywhere be it a school run, shopping etc.

I invite you to do this challenge with me. Let me know what you think and your plans in comments.

If you post some pics on instagram, don’t forget to include hashtag #walkeverydayforaweekchallenge

Wish me luck!

*Click the respective months under the menu Walk Challenge above to see what walks I did each months. *

walk challenge